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A wonderful review for US

New Owners of Sydney :

"Our experience with Jim and Susan was exactly what we were looking for in a breeder. We had unique needs since we already owned a 13-year-old vizsla, and he also asked questions about what kind of temperament we were looking for in a puppy. They took all of this into account when matching us up with our pup, which was definitely not the case with our last breeder. After one week we already feel confident that our new pup was the perfect addition to our family. Jim and Susan really book-ended our experience perfectly: before receiving the pup Jim spoke with us multiple times to answer our questions, and Susan sent us home with some materials that have been extremely useful in helping us keep our pup healthy. Jim and Susan did not come across as typical breeders; the fact that Susan got emotional when we took our pup home spoke volumes to us. If you're looking for a breeder that provides excellent guidance and a hands-on experience, you'll enjoy working with them both," said Melissa Saleeby.

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