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About us


My Wife and I became Vizsla' fanciers in  2001 when we obtained our first Vizsla Zoë. We obtained her from a couple who were getting divorced and no longer had time for her. We had just moved into a new home on 10 acres. Zoe would come to the office everyday with me. My wife was very involved in dog rescue. So over the years we have collected many different breeds, but mostly high energy dogs. In 2005 we rescued our next Vizsla a darling girl named Dixie. She was just being left in a crate, her parents had gone through a terrible divorce, and she needed a loving family. Then in 2010 we got Anka, a beautiful girl, who my wife had gotten to try to do some agility training. Over the years we came to notice how highly trainable ( due to their high intelligence) the breed was. When my wife noticed how beautiful Anka was turning out she decided she would like to give her a try in the show ring. Through her contacts at our kennel club she started to learn about showing her. She and Anka would go to the local park and participate in the classes to learn to show your dog. She quickly learned  and hired a handler to show Anka in the Savannah show. Well, Anka got her first point and hasn't stopped since. My wife quickly got me involved. We now both love it and have so much fun traveling to all the shows. Since then we have gotten one more smooth Vizsla, named Adele who we have taken to championship and two Wirehair Vizsla's (Kayla and Savannah). The house is getting full, but, as they fill the house they have also filled our lives. Until you own a Vizsla you will never know how much they can fill your life.


We OFA & CERF/ERC certify all of our breeding dogs once they are two years of age, and show proof as a link under each dog's name. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in a future puppy, or to learn more about our dogs!

New Owners of Sydney :

"Our experience with Jim and Susan was exactly what we were looking for in a breeder. We had unique needs since we already owned a 13-year-old vizsla, and he also asked questions about what kind of temperament we were looking for in a puppy. They took all of this into account when matching us up with our pup, which was definitely not the case with our last breeder. After one week we already feel confident that our new pup was the perfect addition to our family. Jim and Susan really book-ended our experience perfectly: before receiving the pup Jim spoke with us multiple times to answer our questions, and Susan sent us home with some materials that have been extremely useful in helping us keep our pup healthy. Jim and Susan did not come across as typical breeders; the fact that Susan got emotional when we took our pup home spoke volumes to us. If you're looking for a breeder that provides excellent guidance and a hands-on experience, you'll enjoy working with them both," said Melissa Saleeby.

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